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Statistics Solutions was founded by James Lani a Senior Dissertation Advisor and a Methodologist/ Statistician who now serves as the CEO to assist students who are struggling with their dissertations.

Lani has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Miami University and Masters in Research Psychology from California State University. He also obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering from the same University thus is he is genuinely qualified to provide academic assistance like the professionals who offer dissertation writing services.

The kind of assistance that offers is comparable to that of the top dissertation writing services as it has been in existence for 18 years. It has assisted thousands of students to complete their research projects. Statistics Solutions ream has gained statistical and mythological experience over the years to enable it to match the best dissertation writing services in terms of consultancy and assistance to the students. helps students from various disciplines with quality dissertation consultancy that assists them to overcome their challenges. Reviews of dissertation writing services indicate that there are a high number of students who struggle more with research statistics, interpretation of their statistics and determination of sample size than the actual writing.

Statistics Solutions Dissertation Consultants

Reviews of show its dissertation consultants have either a PhD or Masters Degrees in statistics, behavioral or social sciences and can provide extra support that is required by the students. reviews show that it recruits dissertation consultants who are qualified and also experienced. The have a firm grounding in various statistics techniques and research methods that they can use effectively to help the students.

StatisticsSolutions Price

Statistics Solutions process begins with a 30 minute free consultation with Dr James Lani who is the head statistician. During the consultation, Dr Lani discusses the details of the research, outlines the assistance that will provide together with a price quote. However there is no mention of StatisticsSolutions discount. Reviews

Review of Statistics Solutions point out that it strives to complete methodology and results chapters in timely professional manner.  Consultants have a clear grasp about the reliability of instruments, how to obtain various kinds of content and also construct validity. StatisticsSolutions review explains that when consultants understand the research questions, they construct the right statistics to examine relevant questions and determine the sample size.

Statistics Solutions other services are APA-style formatting, defense preparation, PowerPoint presentations and APA-style formatting. There are no reviews suggesting existence of Statistics Solutions fraud or Statistics Solutions scam. The downside about the service is failure to update some of the information on its website.