Qualitative vs Quantitative Research Methods in Your Dissertation

There have been many arguments with regard to qualitative vs quantitative research methods. There have been far too many reasons and far too many things that would make one better than the other, but which one is truly more effective in conducting research?

Well, that is a tough one, right? For you to have a better understanding of which one is better, let’s define both of it and what it actually does or deal with. Let’s get started.

What Qualitative and Quantitative Deals with

  1. Qualitative data has something to do with descriptions while quantitative data normally deals or talks about numbers.
  2. With Qualitative data, any information are set for observation but not for measuring. On the other hand, quantitative data enables you to measure data shown or reflected.
  3. Qualitative data normally talks about textures, tastes, colors, beauty, smells and appearance while quantitative data deals with area, weight, time, volume, speed, length, height, sound levels, humidity, cost, ages and more.
  4. The main thing about qualitative data is that it is all about quality while quantitative data is more on the quantity side of things.

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