LettiesTranscripts.Weebly.com Overview


LettiestTranscripts.Weebly.com operates differently from usual dissertation writing services. Letties Transcripts offers transcription services including academic transcription and lectures.  Experience is paramount for transcription service just like it is for best resume writing services. Dissertation transcription service is provided by Lettie, a documentation specialist with experience of more than 6 years.

Lettie is reliable and has met high standards like those of top dissertation writing services. Lettie is a member of American Transcription Association and adheres to professional standards and code of ethics.

LettiesTranscripts.Weebly.com Transcription

Reviews of dissertation writing services show that successful writing services assign orders to experienced individuals. Lettie is equally experienced in academic transcription including dissertation. Review of Lettie Transcript points out that clients deal directly with Lettie. There are middlemen or outsourcing.  Each transcript is completed according to the specifications provided when pacing an order. Lettie Transcript review indicates that Lettie uses the clients’ style sheet, follow a style book, or generate a template for the clients at no extra charge.

Lettie understands that the clients have deadlines and need a fast turnaround without compromising on accuracy. Clients are informed of the accurate completion time after they provide all the order details.

Dissertation writing services reviews reveal that the complexity of project affects the turnaround.  Lettiestranscripts.weebly.com turnaround depends on audio clarity, formatting style and number of speakers recorded in the audio. Lettie types and edits an hour of audio in approximately 4 hours. The shortest turnaround it 24 hours for those with rush jobs.

LettiesTranscripts.Weebly.com Prices

Lettiestranscripts.weebly.com reviews show that the pricing is affordable and straight forward as clients deal directly with Lettie. Transcription prices range between $1.15/minutes for simple audio and $1.75/ minute for complex audio.

Simple audio is professional quality recording without background noise and no more than two native English speakers. Complex audio has the voice of non native English speaker or the speaker has speech impediment. It has more that 2 speakers and may have background noises or poor quality recording.  LettiesTranscripts.Weebly.com discount depends on order details.

LettiesTranscripts.Weebly.com Reviews

Reviews of Letties Transcripts reveals that all projects are completed and delivered on time.  After creating a transcript Lettie carries out a spell and grammar check and matches against the client’s requirement for content. Lettie also verifies that the formatting matches the client request.

Transcripts are delivered in colloquy, interview or other requested format. Lettie also listens to the client’s audio a final time and follows it along the transcript to establish if the words are types correctly and verify accuracy of names or places. There are no complaints of Letties Transcripts scam or Letties Transcripts fraud.