Review of dissertation writing service are many dissertation writing services that claim to have expert writers in al fields. However there are some writing services that do not have the kind of writers in the adverts. I had a topic that I wanted to be written by an expert who was a specialist. I searched for an expert who had an illustrious career that was related to my dissertation topic on various sites.

Most of the sites had information about their own writers. I finally found that was providing dissertation writing services but the actual writing was done by experts.  The role of was to enable the experts in various professions who were also engaged in academic writing to meet with clients online.

I found profiles of various experts who were engaged in dissertation writing.

The experts had many years of experience in different professions. The challenge was that their services were in high demand and most of them were unavailable to handle my assignment as they were writing for other clients. I had to seek help from an agent. This was necessary as the writers were consultants hence if I did not get one who was available, I could also not get a price quote.

The consultants are freelancers hence there is no fixed price for dissertation writing services. The live agent located the consultants who were likely to be available and finally succeeded in finding some. You can chose the consultant you feel is the most qualified. The consultant based the price on the kind of input and turnaround.

The experts mostly base their quote for dissertation writing services on deadline and the input required. It is important to present the accurate scope of the project so as to get the correct quote.