Review of dissertation writing service deals with dissertation issues but unlike dissertation writing services, it concentrates on coaching. Dissertation coaching services entails guiding a client. The clients are personally helped at each step of the dissertation process from proposal stage to defense. Unlike a writer for the best dissertation writing services whose intent is to complete the assignment fast, a dissertation coach works steadily to maintain motivation through entire dissertation process. was started by Dissertation Coach Dr Kee who began coach one client in 1993. Since then, he has coached many dissertation clients. Unlike a writer for one the top dissertation writing services, a dissertation coach also learns from the interaction with the client and research on the subject. Dr Kee considers learning to be his hobby.

Reviews of dissertation writing services disclose that each assignment is assigned to the most experienced writer. However, dissertation coaching involves taking on anything. Dr Kee reads widely and expands his knowledge without limiting himself to what he studied at the university. All the same, Dr Kee is widely read and has degrees from four different universities.

Dissertation writing services reviews point out that the students submit their order and instructions then wait for completion time. However, dissertation coaching means working closely with the dissertation coach. Dr Kee provides students with a structure that enables them to develop a realistic timeline to plan the right steps to take every week.

Review of Dissertation coach Dr Kee shows that it provides the clients with advice and feedback on how to develop their topics. Research and carrying out literature reviews is also part of the dissertation coaching. Dissertation coach Dr Kee review encourages the clients to get rid of any negative influence so as to increase their effectiveness when completing their dissertations.

Dr Kee is experienced to help the clients to meet their own goals and those set by the committee. reviews points out how Dr Kee helps the students to understand that the faculty mentors, advisors, chairpersons and the committee members are also allies and guides his clients to take advantage of the relationship.

Reviews of Dissertation coach Dr Kee reveals that dissertation coaching is done through email or over the phone hence location is not a barrier. The payments depend on the extent of coaching but there is no mention of Dissertation coach Dr Kee discount. only collects the email and name of the clients for contact purposes. The information is never shared with third parties and the policy has prevented Dissertation coach Dr Kee fraud or dissertation coach Dr Kee scam. The downside of the service is that Dr Kee does not guarantee or take responsibility of confidentiality of information transmitted through email.