Dissertation writing services strive to provide quality service but it is not all of them that satisfy the customers. It is important to read the information on various reviews about dissertation writing services so as to determine the ones that offer high quality services and those that are rated poorly by past users. Reviews enable students to find out if there is dissertation writing services complaints against their chosen writing service before they place orders.

Students usually have different needs when they order for dissertation papers but there are common downsides that affect almost each customer who places an order at the concerned writing services. The common complaints against writing services are:

Customer support

Customer support department is an integral unit of a writing service as this is where all the customers begin their process. For some services, the ordering process may be automated but the support departments are still important as it helps customers through the process and answers to their queries. It is no wonder that almost all dissertation writing services brag about having a helpful customer support team that is reached via various platforms round the clock.

This is not always true as there are many customers’ complaints that some services that take long to offer feedback to customers even when contacted through Live Chat.  Other writing services are offline at certain times although they claim that the customer service reps are easily reachable via Live Chat.


Dissertation writing services complains point out that there are many writing services that claim to charge reasonable or affordable prices only for customers to find later that they are way above industry average. Other services explain that they charge higher prices as they offer premium quality services yet they have nothing out of the ordinary thus the promise is just a marketing ploy.

Another common complaint is about additional payments that some unscrupulous writing services ask for on top of the stated fee for writing service. The hidden fee is said to cater for cost of services such as paper delivery.


Most dissertation writing services guarantee the customers that they will deliver high quality, plagiarism free papers at the agreed time. However, there are numerous complaints against some services for delivering poorly written papers that do not meet all the requirements. Late delivery is also a common complaint against some services. Customers also have trouble with some services that recede on their guarantee for free revisions or refund in case of plagiarism, non impressive content or late delivery.