Retreat Program for Dissertation Writing Services Writers Review

Writing a dissertation is not easy work, especially with all the researching that may be involved into a particular project. Additionally, you may need some constructive feedback to help you moving in the right direction. As such, the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat may be a great way to refresh your mind and fill yourself with just the right amount of motivation mixed in with some successful dissertation techniques. Writers can excel at dissertations within a few days where it would have taken them months had they not attended this retreat.

Increase of Dissertation Writing Services Writers’ Performance

Attendees of this retreat will be exposed to a stimulating environment that is free from any sort of distractions so that their focus is solely based on dissertations and how to improve them through the implementation of various methodologies learned. Almost all attendees have reported a dramatic increase in their writing performance after staying at this 5-day retreat.

What’s New with Dissertation Retreat ?

The first change with this retreat is the cities where it will be held. These include Jacksonville and Orlando (FL), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Fairfax (VA), Irvine (CA) and Dallas (TX) from December of 2010 all the way through 2011.

Dissertation Writing Service Features

  • Open to all doctoral students
  • Distraction-free environment
  • Faculty Members to scrutinize their work
  • Academic resources
  • Library access
  • Full meal service (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Full internet access
  • Research Methodologists
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Full time support

Dissertation Writing Service Pricing

  • Capella Doctoral students have to pay $1,995
  • Other Doctoral students have to pay $2,395
  • Cancellation fees are applicable

Dissertation Writer’s Retreat Service Upsides

  • Tons of resources available
  • Casual environment
  • Lots of success stories
  • Site is easy to navigate

Dissertation Writer’s Retreat Service Downsides

  • Expensive fees
  • Lack of proper customer support