Review of dissertation writing service diss-stat.ComDiss-Stat was founded by John C Caruso Vita who serves as the Director of Services. The experience that Caruso possesses has made it one of the top dissertation writing services. He understands the up and downs of dissertation writing having chaired more than 50 dissertation committees. He has also in the past taught statistics courses to thousands of under and post graduate studies.

Reviews of dissertation writing services reveal that Diss-Stat consultants have assisted more than 600 students in the past 6 years with their assignments. Dr. Caruso supervises the work himself. Diss-Stat strives to achieve 100% satisfaction for every project. The main mission of is to provide writing statistical and methodological assistance to students who are working on their dissertation research. Reviews

Dissertation writing services reviews single out Diss-Stat as one of the services that help the students to develop hypotheses and research questions for their studies. It also helps the clients to address the issues surrounding methodology issues. This includes variables, procedures and design. Reviews of Diss-Stat reveals that its clients get assistance in developing data analysis plans and perform a power analysis for the required sample size. Clients are also assisted to create results tables and to write the results section. reviews point out that it assists it’s customers to prepare themselves to the committee or chair on comments related to statistics and methodology. It also helps the students with their dissertation defense and turning their dissertations to publishable manuscripts. Prices

The consultation process begins when a customer sends an email to Diss-Stat reviews point out that the email should have all the details about the impending project. The option to using an email is calling the writing service. If there is an agreement on how to proceed with the project, Diss-Stat signs a service agreement with the client and arranges for payment. The price is $125 an hour although clients with larger projects can negotiate for a lower fee.

Turnaround is usually 1-2 weeks although there are faster turnarounds at additional fee. Writing Schema

Reviews of Diss-Stat states that once assignments are completed, they are sent to the clients for them to review if they have met the requirements. Diss-Stat works together with experienced editors for dissertation process. This includes the introduction, literature review or citation style editing.

There is no mention of Diss-Stat discount but the initial consultation is free. There are no reviews about complaints about Diss-Stat fraud or Diss-Stat scam. The downside of Diss-Stat is that payments are made on a retainer system that takes 4 hours. Clients have to add deposits if the time elapses before their projects are complete.